Javascript to dynamically insert CSS

<script type="text/javascript">
var css='b table tbody tr td img { transition: all 1s ease-in-out 0s; } b table tbody tr td img:hover{ transform:rotate(720deg) scale(2);}';
if (style.styleSheet) style.styleSheet.cssText=css;
else style.appendChild(document.createTextNode(css));
</script>   // 

VBScript Example: Convert a Word document to PDF / Replace a string in a file using regular expressions

' Transforms a doc to a pdf (props to Rafael Winterhalter)
Function DocToPdf( docInputFile, pdfOutputFile )
	Dim fileSystemObject
	Dim wordApplication
	Dim wordDocument
	Dim wordDocuments
	Dim baseFolder

	Set fileSystemObject = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
	Set wordApplication = CreateObject("Word.Application")
	Set wordDocuments = wordApplication.Documents

	docInputFile = fileSystemObject.GetAbsolutePathName(docInputFile)
	baseFolder = fileSystemObject.GetParentFolderName(docInputFile)

	If Len(pdfOutputFile) = 0 Then
	pdfOutputFile = fileSystemObject.GetBaseName(docInputFile) + ".pdf"
	End If

	If Len(fileSystemObject.GetParentFolderName(pdfOutputFile)) = 0 Then
	pdfOutputFile = baseFolder + "\" + pdfOutputFile
	End If

	' Disable any potential macros of the word document.

	On Error Resume Next
	' Open readonly
	Set wordDocument = wordDocuments.Open(docInputFile,,True)
	' See
	wordDocument.SaveAs pdfOutputFile, wdFormatPDF
	wordDocument.Close WdDoNotSaveChanges
	wordApplication.Quit WdDoNotSaveChanges
	Set wordApplication = Nothing
	Set fileSystemObject = Nothing
End Function
' Fill with leading zeros
Function LPad (str, pad, length)
    LPad = String(length - Len(str), pad) & str
End Function
' Get date string in the form 2000-03-31
Function getIsoDateString()
    getIsoDateString = Year(Now) & "-" & LPad(Month(Now), "0", 2)  & "-" & LPad(Day(Now), "0", 2)
End Function
Function replacePatternInFile(file, pattern, replacement)
	Set objFSO = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
	Set objFile = objFSO.OpenTextFile(file, ForReading)

	source = objFile.ReadAll

	Set objRegEx = CreateObject("VBScript.RegExp")
	objRegEx.Global = True   
	objRegEx.IgnoreCase = True
	objRegEx.Pattern = pattern
	source = objRegEx.Replace(source, replacement)

	Set objFile = objFSO.OpenTextFile(file, ForWriting)
	objFile.Write source
End Function
 ' See
Const wdFormatPDF = 17  ' PDF format.
Const wdFormatXPS = 18  ' XPS format.
Const WdDoNotSaveChanges = 0
Const ForReading = 1
Const ForWriting = 2 

' Execute script
Call DocToPdf( "c:\mydocument.docx", "\\strangenetworkpath\" & getIsoDateString & " document.pdf" )
If Err.Number = 0 Then
	Call replacePatternInFile("\\strangenetworkpath\content.html", "/.{0,11} document.pdf", "/" & getIsoDateString & " document.pdf" )
	WScript.Echo "Success!"
End If

Network printer and standby problems

It is strange: If you have a network printer in your network it might be blocking the standby mode of your PC (Thanks to Kramy to point that out):

So my loved standby script was not working properly anymore; setting up the printer using a “local port” was not possible either – scanning was not working that way.

What fixed my script was to disable a service temporarily, the “PnP-X IP Bus Enumerator” service (fancy name, isn’t it?) – so I could create a batch file like this:

net stop IPBusEnum
powercfg /hibernate off
rundll32.exe powrprof.dll,SetSuspendState 0,1,0
net start IPBusEnum

Et voilà, no more annoying fan noises anymore!

Delphi XE 6 – Get currently playing title from Winamp

const   IPC_GETPLAYLISTFILE  : integer = 214;
        IPC_GETPLAYLISTTITLE : integer = 213;
        IPC_GETLISTPOS :integer = 125;

        WINAMP_BUTTON2   : integer = 40045; // play
        WINAMP_BUTTON4   : integer = 40047; // stop
        WINAMP_BUTTON5   : integer = 40048; // next title


procedure Refresh();
    hWinamp: THandle;
    rawString: array[0..500] of Char;
    playlistEntryPointer, hProcessId: Cardinal;
  hWinamp:= FindWindow('Winamp v1.x',nil);
  if hWinamp<> 0 then
      playlistEntryPointer:= SendMessage(hWinamp,WM_USER,SendMessage(hWinamp,WM_USER,0 , IPC_GETLISTPOS), IPC_GETPLAYLISTFILE);

      GetWindowThreadProcessId(hWinamp, hProcessId);
      hWinamp:= OpenProcess(PROCESS_VM_READ,False,hProcessId);

      ReadProcessMemory(hWinamp, Pointer(playlistEntryPointer), @rawString, 500, uselessDummy);

      result:= String(rawString)

    Edit_input.Text := result;

Resize VirtualBox disk size

“Increase VM size.bat”

@echo off
set vboxpath=c:\Program Files\Oracle\VirtualBox
set imgpath=c:\Users\mw\VirtualBox VMs\bananavm\
set imgname=banana.vmdk

cd %imgpath%
"%vboxpath%\VBoxManage" clonehd "%imgname%" "cloned.vdi" --format vdi
ren "%imgname%" "%imgname%.bak"
"%vboxpath%\VBoxManage" modifyhd "cloned.vdi" --resize 25600
"%vboxpath%\VBoxManage" clonehd "cloned.vdi" "%imgname%" --format vmdk
"%vboxpath%\VBoxManage" internalcommands sethduuid "%imgpath%%imgname%"

Copy the putput UUID and open your *.vbox file with an editor. Replace all “old” UUIDs with your copied (this were in my case 2 times)

Sony Z1 Compact “Repair” Bluetooth file transfer

So I was trying to transfer files with Bluetooth:

  • from Sony Z1 Compact to my old phone: this worked flawlessly
  • from my old phone to my Sony Z1 Compact: not at all

I checked all settings and I came up with a really easy solution:

The problem is: the notification “Would you like to accept the incoming file blah blah” is suppressed by a default setting – so if you try send a file to the Z1… it will time out.

So how to restore the notifications for Bluetooth and make file transfers possible:

  1. From your Home screen, tap points
  2. Find and tap Settings > Personalisation> Manage notifications.
  3. Select from “All”: Bluetooth Share

Dell Printer Custom Format

Found this article, which was really helpful, thanks a lot llanelli14 !

Well it’s that time of the year again when I print out Xmas cards for my young students to color in or decorate.  I use simple black and white stencils on colored card.  The card size is best described as B5 oversize.  So it needs a custom setting in the printer menu of my 3110cn.  In Windows XP this was an A-B-C operation from the printer’s configuration menu.  In Windows 7 it required some lateral thought.

If you open up the printer’s configuration menu: Start, Printers and Devices, RMC 3110cn, Printer Properties, Configuration tab, Change Paper Size – you get a listing of the twenty Custom Size settings (all identical 210x297mm).  But the adjustment controls are grayed out.  Aaargh!

After loads of clicking I finally decided to try the Administrative Tools in the Control Panel.  Hey Presto!  Start, Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Print Management.  Double click All Printers.  Select the 3110cn and RMC and select Properties.  You get the exact same top menu as above but when you hit the Configuration tab and click on Change Paper Size the adjustment settings are accessible.  Excellent!

Obviously someone incredibly wise will be able to tell me why this was possible.  For the meantime I’m just happy I can print my Xmas cards and my students can color away and that’s another week of December lesson-plans completed!

Hope this helps someone.

Doing so, I was able to create a custom paper size for my Dell C1765NF. So I could use my custom size envelopes, in the manual feeder, just used “Custom format” in the menu (in the printer’s LCD diplay). Et voilà :-)